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Transcommunal Cooperation News Article Submission Format

We welcome articles that describe and analyze stories of cooperation among diverse peoples. Specific examples of transcommunal cooperation, including successes, failures, challenges, barriers, tactics, and strategies are all welcomed. Articles need not follow the exact format of “transcommunality” as described in the “What is Transcommunality?” section. We ask only that they be in the transcommunal spirit of respect for diversity and a simultaneous concern for cooperation among diverse peoples for the enhancement of human well being and life.

Only articles that are similar to “Opinions to the Editor” will be accepted for publication. We are looking for articles that describe actual examples of transcommunal-like cooperation. Articles should range from 3 to no more than 10 pages in length, double-spaced typed format. Articles should be written in a clear style that is accessible to a wide range of informed and concerned people, not just specialists. They should be usable in high school and college classrooms. We ask that writers provide directions for those seeking further information (books, magazines, web sites, etc) at the end of their essays. Any quotations or use of other published texts must be duly noted at the end of the article.

Articles may be submitted in English or Spanish. They will be published in English translation with summary abstracts in Spanish as necessary. We hope that at some time in the future our resources will permit bi- and multi-lingual publication and an expansion of languages of submission.

Initially, the Transcommunal Cooperation News will be published two times a year. The viewpoints expressed by the authors of articles for the Transcommunal Cooperation News do not necessarily reflect those of the     members of the Editorial Advisory Board or of the Editor.

All written material for this on-line journal will be in the public domain with the only major requirement being that any use of the material herein must cite the author or authors and the Transcommunal Cooperation News as the place of original publication. For further information on the copyright format see that particular section.

The contents of this form will be sent to the editor of Transcommunal Cooperation News at which time he will review the submission and will contact you for the full text of the article if the article is to be published. If you are writing a letter to the editor in response to an article then you should contact him directly via the contact page.




Sample of the proposed article:

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