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The Diversity of Disagreements and the Disagreements of Diversity—Respect for Boundaries and the Coordination of autonomy in Creating Alliances.

John Brown Childs
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The Message of the Native American Haudenosaunee Peacemaker**

So [the Peacemaker] passed from settlement finding that people desired peace and would practice it if they knew for certainty that others would practice it to.

But first, after leaving the hunters [the Peacemaker] sought the house of a certain woman who lived by the warrior’s path which passed between the east and the west.

When [the Peacemaker] arrived, the woman placed food before him and, after he had eaten, asked him his message.

“I carry the Mind of the Master of Life,” he replied, “and my message will bring an end to wars between the east and the west.

“How will this be?” asked the woman, who wondered at his words, for it was her custom to feed the warriors passing before her door on their way between the east and the west.

“The Word that I bring,” he said, “is that all peoples shall love one another and live together in peace….”

“Thy message is good,” said the woman, “but a word is nothing until it is given form and set to work in the world. What form shall this message take when it comes to dwell among mankind?”

“It will take the form the longhouse,” replied [the Peacemaker], “in which there are many hearths, one for each family, yet all live as one household, under one chief mother.

…They shall be the Kanonsionni, the Longhouse. They shall have one mind and live under one law. Thinking will replace killing, and there shall be one commonwealth.

**--The Message of the Peacemaker to the Mother of the Nations, during the creation of the great Haudenosaunee meaning “People of the Longhouse Confederacy also known as the “Iroquois” Native American confederacy (circa 14th century.” (Adapted from Paul A. Wallace, The White [Pine] Roots of Peace).*

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